Hoppy Electronic Brake Controls

Hopkins InSight Brake Control

In-SightTM Brake Control

PART NO. 47297

  • Proportional/Progressive braking
  • Separate Display & Control for flexible installation
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Hopkins Agility Brake Control Unit

AGILITY TM Brake Control

PART NO. 47294

  • Proportional braking
  • For 2, 4, 6 and 8 brake systems
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Hopkins Impulse Brake Control Unit

IMPULSE TM Brake Control

PART NO. 47235

  • Time based braking
  • Digitally Displays exact braking power
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Hopkins Reliance Brake Control Unit

RELIANCE TM Brake Control

PART NO. 47285

  • Time based braking
  • Digital Display shows percentage of power
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Hopkins Brake-Force Brake Control Unit

BRAKE-FORCE TM Brake Control

PART NO. 47225

  • Time based braking
  • LED Light shows power setting
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BRAKE-FORCE TM and IMPULSE TM Brake Control Second Vehicle Mounting Kit

PART NO. 47685

  • Mounting Bracket and wiring for Second vehicle
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Universal Brake Control Installation Kit

PART NO. 47275

  • Everything needed to install your Brake Control unit including: Wires, connectors, Amp/Fuse Holder & more
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